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Parents Handbook

Shiny Star Pre-School Parents Handbook


1.     School opens from 7:30AM to 6:30PM. Please pick up your child on time or you will be charged $5 every 10 minutes for being late. Please pay the late fee to the teacher on duty.

學校開放時間為早上7:30AM到下午6:30PM,請準時接貴子弟,遲到每10分鐘繳交遲到費5元,請將遲到費交給值班老師(例如6:31~6:40PM $56:41~6:50PM $10)

2.     You need to call the school if your child cannot make it to school. The School number is



3.     You can pay tuition by week or by month; Weekly fee is due on Mondy, or you will be charged a $5 late fee. Monthly payment is due before the 5th of the month, or you will be charged a late fee of $10 every 5 days. There is No REFUND for holidays, absences or illnesses. A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.


4.     If your child is to take more than three weeks leave during school year, $150 a month fee will be charged to reserve his/her spot in the same class. Otherwise, the enrollment is not guaranteed.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


5.     Parentís authorization is required for all field trips†††††††††††††††††††


6.     A blanket and a rest mat are needed for afternoon naps. Be sure to take the blanket home

every Friday and wash.†††††††††††



7. Please notify the school for address and telephone number change. It is very important

to have the correct address and contact number in case of an emergency.

†††† 如果您的地址或電話號碼有任何變動,請隨時通知,以便能隨時與您聯絡。

8.     If your child is five years old or younger, who is not attending any other public school,

†† please update their immunization records which has to be signed or stamped by a

†† physician.




9.     Any medication that needs to be given during school hours, should be given to the office. You must fill out the necessary forms. No medication will be given to any student without parentsí authorization.


10. 請不要帶玩具到學校,以免遺失或造成其他孩子的爭執。

††††††† Please donít let your child bring any toy to school. This is to avoid losing it and to

†† prevent argument between students.


11. 為了讓您的孩子多喝水,請帶一個水杯到學校,請不要裝果汁或牛奶(學校點心時間

†††† 有牛奶或果汁).

†††† Send only water , no juice ,soda or milk. Milk or juice will be provided by school during

†††† the snack time.


12. 請在孩子的杯子及個人物品上寫名字。

††††††† Please write your childís name on all his/her personal belonging, including the water

††††† bottle.


13. 穿尿布的孩子在穿著上請從簡,盡量選擇易脫易穿的衣物。

††††††† If your child is wearing a diaper, please let him/her wear easily accessible clothing.


14. 請不要讓您的孩子穿拖鞋來學校。鞋子以自黏性為佳較易穿脫。

††††† Please let your child wear shoes to school. Avoid wearing slippers. Velcro shoes are easy

†††† for children to put on and take off.


15. 女生穿著裙子時,請穿小短褲在裡面;男生請穿小內褲.

††††††† Please have girls wear shorts under skirts or dresses, Boys need to wear underwear under

†††† their pants.

16. 請為您的孩子多準備一到兩套衣褲及内褲,以防尿溼替換†††††††

††††††† Please prepare extra change of clothes for your child in case of mishap.


17. 接送時停留在教室的時間請勿過長,以免影響其他的小朋友及分散老師的注意力。

††††††† To avoid distraction to the teacher and children, parents are asked to please limit their

†††† time in the classroom during drop off and pick up.



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