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Shiny Star Pre-school



In the LANGUAGE CENTER children learn:

*To identify letters of alphabet

*To relate objects to words

*Word recognition and association

*Vowel and consonant sounds and recognition

*Tolls for later reading pronunciation of words

*To begin phonemic awareness studies


In the MATH CENTER children learn:

*To identify shapes and numerals

*To relate life experience to math

*To sequence numerals and classify objects one-to-one correspondence

*How to make comparisons to see the relationships of concrete objects


In the SCIENCE CENTER children learn:

*To explore the natural and mechanical world

*To observe orderly sequences and sequences of life

*To formulate and evaluate predictions

*To observe the relationships between and among sizes

*To gather simple data and to draw conclusions

*Methods of classifications to classify materials


In the BOOK CENTER children learn:

*To respect and care for books

*To imagine events and situations

*Storytelling and dictation of stories

*Sequences of pictures

*Left-to-right progression

*The interpretation of picture and details


In the PUZZLE AND MANIPULATIVES children learn:

*To develop perceptual discrimination by shape, color, size, directions, detail and design

*To practice eye-hand coordination

*To practice problem solving

*To experience a sense of achievement and develop self-confidence

*To complete a task and to be responsible for cleaning up after self










In the BLOCK CENTER children learn:

*To develop eye-hand coordination

*To explore spatial relationships

*To compare sizes and shapes

*To develop large and small muscle coordination

*How to work and plan together

*To become aware of organizing and measuring

*To become aware of problem solving techniques



*To develop self-confidence and self-reliance

*To act out familiar situations, try on family roles and work out problems and


*To develop muscles, coordination oral language skills, and math readiness

*To develop oral language skills, and broaden their vocabulary

*To develop positive social interactions, and enjoy imaginative interactive play


In the LISTENING CENTER children learn:

*A sense of rhythm and tone

*Additional memory skills

*Differentiation among sounds

*Opportunities for self-expression

*An eagerness to hear stories

*New language patterns

*To listen to the ideas of others

*An awareness of environmental sounds


In the ART CENTER children learn:

*Creativeness through planning, designing and constructing an idea

*Satisfactory ways of expressing ideas

*Experimentation with color, sizes, various textures and configurations

*To compare sizes and shapes

*Eye-hand coordination and better fine muscle control for later writing skills

*Respect for artistic expressions of others

*To develop their visual and tactile skills

*To develop large and small muscle coordination

*How to work and plan together


In the SAND AND WATER TABLE children learn:


*Making comparisons

*Eye-hand coordination

*Measurements and weights

*Oral language by interaction with peers

*To complete a task and to be responsible for cleaning up after self